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Fake Fire

About the ModFake Fire

Fake Fire

Fake fire is a mod which adds a fire looking block into minetest. Unlike the default fire in the game, fake fire dose not cause damage or burn down any wooden structures. This Mod was originally designed for a fire replacement on a server, and is an ideal way to complete stop people from burning things down. Unlike most fire mods fake fire has a set of unique features such as Flint and Steel (a tool used to spawn in the fire) and an animation. Fake fire can be crated with the new flint and steel. Which is made out of flint (found in gravel) and steel.

Fake fire allows people to add fire into their homes without having to worrie about it spreding and burning down there build. Although Fake fire is fake it still has some features which the default fire has. These are;

  • Fire cause damage to player when the go into it
  • Water Puts out fire when it is near it
  • Fire makes sound when ignited or extinguished

Whats New

  • Fire has a failing node
  • Sound bug has been fixed so sound can only be herd up to 20 blocks
  • Texture bug fixed so fire animation goes right way
  • Fire gives -0.5 of hearts per second
  • Fire texture improved
  • Speeded up fire animation
  • Water and lava puts out fire
  • Flint and steal can only be used around 60 times

Knowen Bugs

  • sound hand be herd more than 20 when water puts out fire

GalleryBeer Test

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CraftsBeer Test

The Craft Recipe for the Flint;

Craft for the flint Flint

The Craft Recipe for the Flint and Steel

Craft for the flint Flint

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Crafts for the ModsFake Fire

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  1. Go to your Home directory
  2. You should see a folder called minetest. If not the folder is probely hidden. To get to it type "/.minetest/" in the navigation bar.
  3. You should now be in a folder called ".minetest". in this folder you should see another folder called "mods". If you dont see this make a new folder called "mods".
  4. Copy and Paste the mod into the "mods" folder. (make sure that it is extracted from the zip file".


  1. Locate where the game has been saved. if you don't know where it has been saved right click the minetest icon and press "Open file location"
  2. when you are in the minetest folder you should see a folder called "mods", as well as other folders like "bin", "textures" , "games", ect.
  3. Copy and Paste the mod into the "mods" folder. (make sure that it is extracted from the zip file".