Welcome To Infinitum Minetest

Welcome to Infinatum Minetest! the offical home for my mod, texture packs and more.

Welcome to infinatum mintest, the home of my mods, Texture packs and more! As well as the mods that i am working on. Such as Fake Fire and Scaffolding. here you will find the download link as well as Bit Bucket Access so that you can freely view the code.

At Infinatum Minetest we believe in open source, which allows anyone to use my code for there own mods, as well as learning from it. To ensurer that it is kept this way we have given all of the mods a listens under the Creative Commons, which alows you to use the code as long as you also put the code under the same licenses.

As well as mods you can download a texture pack such as the John smith's texture pack, which improves the way the game looks. these are also under the same listens as the mods. We hope you enjoy our mods in the same was as I enjoy making them. This is the new Infinatium Minetest website we hope you like the new style.

About This Site

As a Hobby I make modes for Minetest, which is a fun little game I sometime play. After 1 years of using Google sites (which was a horrible web designer tool) I desired to to learn HTML and make my very own website.

This site is broken into three parts;

  • Mods
  • This is where you will find all my mods which I have made for made for Minetest. these mods are finished and are stable enough to be used. as well as this these mods have been tested out.

  • Texture Packs
  • This is where you will find all my texture packs which I have made for made for Minetest. These texture packs are done and have (or should have) no missing textures.

  • Project Table
  • This is where you will find all my Unfinished Mods or mods I'm working on. These mods will be buggy and unstable, or are simply not done.