Welcome To Infinatum Minetest

The home of my mods, Texture packs and more! As well as the mods that i am working on. Such as Fake Fire and Scaffolding. here you will find the download link as well as Bit Bucket Access so that you can freely view the code.

About This Site

This website contains a collection of my mods and texture packs for Minetest. This site allows for people to view, learn and download the many mods I have made throughout the years.

Most of my mods are available on the Minetest forum, however over time they can get buried under an influx of new mods.

For more information you can visit my bit bucket page

Why Open Source

At Infinitum Minetest we believe in open source, which allows anyone to use my code for their own mods, as well as learning from it. To ensure that it is kept this way we have provided all of the mods under the the Creative Commons, which allows you to use the code as long as you also put the code under the same license (CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/).

Im Ready! where can i get started?

Below are some usefull links. Click on one to get started on this site

Or Why not learn how to make a mod with the links below.