Minetest Mods

My Minetest Mods

Here is a list of our mods which i have made. Click on the "about the mode to discover more about the mod, or click download to get a direct download of the mod.

Fake Fire modFor Minetest 0.4.9

Fake Fire

Fake fire adds in a block that looks like fire, but dose not have the risk of burning down your creations. the mod also adds in a flint and steel which is used to spawn in the fire. to remove the fire block just simply hit it like any other block. fake fire is an ideal for replacing the original fire in minetest



Scaffolding ModFor Minetest 0.4.9


The wooden scaffolding allows the player to go up and down like a ladder. also when you destroy the bottom block the whole thing falls down making it easy to remove. The iron scaffolding allows the player to walk along in, and when you destroy one of the blocks the whole thing falls down.



Better Tools ModFor Minetest 0.4.9

Better Tools

Better tools add tools which fixes the bug where tools dont take damaged when they are used on the wrong block. for example picks used to destroy dirt and axe used to destroy stone. the mod also adds paxel which is a mix between the pick, axe and shovel.



beer test

Ever wanted to make and Drink your own beer. This mod adds some plants into mine test as well as adding the stages of making beer, as well as not forgetting the beer itself. We are planning on adding a lot more to this mod such as more beers, ales and even cider. Stay tune for new updates which are coming soon.



Christmas Craft ModFor Minetest 0.4.9

Christmas Craft

Bring the joy of Christmas to Minetest. This mod adds Christmas related things such as presents, baubles , decorations and more, also the mod can also allows you to cover the grass with snow, and make things such as snowmen. You can even have a snowball fight!



3D Torches ModFor Minetest 0.4.9

3D torch

3D torches add as it says in its name 3D animated torches which can be placed on the floor or on walls. this mod overwrites the original 2D torches with 3d ones. Unlike most 3D torches mod we tried to make the torch have a complex model which has realistic fire. hopefully you will like what we have done