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Fake Fire

Getting sick of using dirt as scaffolding? if so this is the mod for you.

This mod adds Wooden scaffolding and Iron scaffolding to minetest

The wooden and Iron scaffolding allows the player to go up and down like a ladder when the wooden and iron platforms allow you to wall along. If you want to remove the scaffolding just remove one or the bottom blocks to take the whole thing down.

Wooden scaffolding is cheap and easy to make. However it can be destroyed by hand

Iron scaffolding needs iron, but it cannot be destroyed by hand, and needs a pick.

A Wrench can be used to reinforce your scaffolding. This will stop a long line of scaffolding to fall down. It you make the scaffolding reinforced you can remove it since reinforced scaffolding dose not make the whole lot fall down.


Whats New

  • New Auto Build Tower system
  • New Plaform system (placeing a platfrom on the scaffolding will build a platfrom around the scaffolding)
  • wooden platfroms can be placed on iron scaffolding
  • reinforced scaffolding now glows
  • reinforced scaffolding can make towers taller

Planed comeing soon

  • player dose not have to walk inside the block to go up it (not sure about this)
  • more scaffolding blocks


A very good video on the mod thanks to Nathan Salapat



The Craft Recipe for 12 Wooden Scaffolding;

Or for 4 Wooden Scaffolding;

The Craft Recipe for 12 Iron Scaffolding;

Or for 4 Iron Scaffolding;


The Craft Recipe for 2 Wooden Platform;

The Craft Recipe for 2 Iron Platform;

Other Crafts

The Craft Recipe for a Wrench;

Make Wooden Scaffolding back into Wood

Make Iron Scaffolding back into Iron Ingot

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Scaffolding is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Go to your Home directory
  2. You should see a folder called minetest. If not the folder is probely hidden. To get to it type "/.minetest/" in the navigation bar.
  3. You should now be in a folder called ".minetest". in this folder you should see another folder called "mods". If you dont see this make a new folder called "mods".
  4. Copy and Paste the mod into the "mods" folder. (make sure that it is extracted from the zip file".


  1. Locate where the game has been saved. if you don't know where it has been saved right click the minetest icon and press "Open file location"
  2. when you are in the minetest folder you should see a folder called "mods", as well as other folders like "bin", "textures" , "games", ect.
  3. Copy and Paste the mod into the "mods" folder. (make sure that it is extracted from the zip file".